LA ultimate 

Well, since the godfather of online ultimate frisbee spew mentioned me in a comment, I guess I better prepare for the incoming deluge (or trickle) of hits by posting something frisbee-related.

I'm playing in SoCal sectionals this weekend with the UCLA college team. Since UCLA is on the quarter system, we don't start school for another two weeks. As a result, we're bringing a team of 10 players. And to top it off, a recent alum tells me that the team doesn't really run a 1-3-3 or clam. I guess we better learn quickly.

Compared to Boston, LA is an ultimate wasteland. As far as I can tell, there's one club men's team, one women's team, and one mixed team in an area with a population of 10 million. At last count, Boston (metro area population 4 million or so) was sending four men's teams, four women's teams, and six or seven mixed teams to sectionals.


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