Kanye West gets ownt (or, Celebrities Should Think Before They Speak) 

From last night's Patriots game:

But much of the rest of the show was just plain weird. For the first 30 minutes of the one-hour event, we didn't even hear acts that were in the stadium. Instead, we got two Rolling Stones songs (the obligatory ''Start Me Up" and surprise choice ''Rough Justice") beamed on video from a taped broadcast in Detroit. And we got remotes of rapper Kanye West and pop rockers Maroon 5 from a generic-looking, red-white-and-blue stage in Los Angeles.

Maroon 5 came off vapidly (doing just one song, ''Harder to Breathe"), while West did one tune, ''Heard 'Em Say." Yet it was disconcerting to hear his name booed loudly by Patriots fans who evidently didn't appreciate his nationally televised comment (link added -- ed.) the other night on a Hurricane Katrina benefit that President Bush ''doesn't care about black people." The boos were thunderous and lasted for much of his number.

This happened in a state that Bush lost to Kerry, 62-37.


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