It's Rickey's world, and the rest of us are just living in it 

Just heard on tonight's broadcast of the Sox-Devil Rays game on FSN Florida:

So John Olerud wears a batting helmet throughout the game, even on defense, because of some head trauma he suffered when he was a kid.

Once when he was with Seattle, Rickey Henderson asked him about the helmet. Olerud told him about it. Rickey then said, "that's weird. When I played in Toronto, there was a guy who did the same thing."

UPDATE: Dammit, apparently it's an urban legend. But if we've learned nothing else from our last two presidents, and we haven't, it's never to let facts get in the way of a good story.


Olerud has an aneurysm when he was in college at Washington State.

I heard the story years ago - Olerud replied, "Yeah Rickey, that was me, and we were teammates in New York too."

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