A blackjack story 

I'm sitting in the middle of the table. Dealing the cards is a trainee, being supervised by a dealer and a pit boss.

I get dealt a hard 15, the guy to my left gets dealt a 13, the dealer has a 6 showing. When it's my turn, I swipe my hand sideways.

The dealer deals me a 7.

I say, calmly but firmly, "I said stand." Fortunately the other players at the table vouch for me, and the pit boss and dealer nod in agreement, so the trainee takes the card away.

Since the house screwed up, they really have no choice but to offer the card to the next player. He gladly takes it and makes a 20. The dealer ends up busting.

And there was much rejoicing.

Later on, I saw a guy double a hard 15 versus a 6 and win. Ridiculous.


what i don't get is, why were you playing at a table that was watched by three casino employees?

I'm pretty sure all blackjack tables are constantly monitored by more than three casino employees.

do you mean, three employees per table? i don't think that is correct.

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