Who speaks for the dead? 

Apparently Casey Sheehan had voluntarily reenlisted for a second tour of duty in Iraq when he was killed.

His mother claims that

Casey knew that the war was wrong from the beginning. But he felt it was his duty to go, that his buddies were going, and that he had no choice.

Whether or not Cindy Sheehan is taking her son's name in vain, we'll never know.

I do have to say though, that this entire pow-wow outside the Bush ranch is a huge waste of videotape. Bush isn't going to give Sheehan an audience, because he knows there's no possible way he can win in Sheehan's eyes (Sheehan has already decided that the answers she's going to get aren't the ones she want) or in the media's eyes (obviouisly). And Sheehan hasn't exactly done anything to elevate discourse about the war.

So August 31 will pass, Bush will vacate the ranch, and Sheehan's fifteen minutes will be up.


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