Ok, so Marshall worries that the Boston summer league is turning into a stomping ground for organized club teams. And periodically Jim grumbles about having to play against summer league teams that are stacked with Nationals-caliber players.

Given that there are no eligibility rules, it does rather sound to me like the Red Sox complaining about the Yankees' payroll. "Complaining" is probably too strong/negative a word for what Marshall and Jim are doing though.

However, the point of this post is not to address those issues; it's to bring up a heckle from 2000.

I had graduated from MIT the year before and was finishing up my first year of grad school at Harvard. That spring, MIT Ultimate was eliminated at Sectionals, while Harvard qualified for Regionals but was bounced on Saturday.

Some folks from my old MIT dorm and some math guys at Harvard had been playing in the MIT intramural ultimate league that spring, and I think I had played one or two games with them. Technically, students at other schools are eligible to play if they're cross-registered for classes at MIT. I was taking a class at MIT, but I don't think any of the other math grad students were, so they were ringers. All together, only three of us had ever played in a UPA series.

Sunday happens to be the day of the MIT IM tournament, so I decide to play. In semis, we end up going against what is essentially the MIT Ultimate team plus alumni (Jeremy, Wilmer, Dean and others. Plus Tim Tuttle). They beat us 9-5.

At the end of the game, I say, "shouldn't you guys be playing in a real tournament, like Regionals?"


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