Global warming and hurricane Katrina 

Some folks are claiming that global warming is directly responsible for hurricane Katrina.

The claim that it is responsible for a greater frequency of hurricanes is debunked here.

The claim that the warming of the Gulf of Mexico is responsible for the greater destructive force of the hurricane has more weight to it, but I imagine that it's not terribly useful. With stricter environmental laws in place, maybe the ocean temperature rises only 0.4 Celsius over the last 20 years instead of 0.5 Celsius, leading to 120 mph winds instead of 140 mph winds? Anybody want to do the serious mathematical modeling here? And does this slightly less powerful hurricane Katrina fail to destroy the levees which keep the Mississippi river and Lake Pontchartrain at bay (the main cause of flooding in New Orleans)?

(obligatory link to the Red Cross, of course)

Oh yeah, and not that anybody asked, but I don't mind if (a) people start looting grocery stores for water and food and (b) if the National Guard starts shooting people who start stealing valuables or looting homes.


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