Musings from Los Angeles 

Traffic in Los Angeles is ridiculous, but part of this is no doubt due to the fact that drivers actually let you in if you need to make a sudden lane change. Contrast this with being stuck in the left lane of one of the tunnels on I-93 in Boston during rush hour.

LA desperately needs elevated trains and express lanes on the 405, but it's a bit late for that now.

For the last week I've had to commute from my relatives' place in Torrance to UCLA, about 10-15 miles. Having surfed the radio stations for an hour during each trip, I can safely conclude that LA is a radio wasteland.

I'm reaaaaaly glad that I found on-campus housing (I'll be moving out of my aunt and uncle's place in a few days).

Southern California is very hilly terrain. As a result, the mathematics building at UCLA has exits on the fifth floor on one side of the building, the fourth floor on another side, and the second floor on another side.

Large portions of the UCLA campus are under construction. The result is that it's almost impossible to walk in a straight line between any two buildings.

The UCLA science library and mathematics reading room both catalog the Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics by Library of Congress call number, instead of putting them all on one shelf. Kind of silly.

I'm sharing a temporary office at the math department with one other guy. When the department chairman showed me my office, my officemate reminded him that a chair needed to be fixed. The department chairman ran back to his office to grab some screws and a screwdriver in order to fix the chair. Now I know California has been suffering budget problems, but this is surreal.


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