Graduation ramblings 

Two-thirds of the inhabitants of my freshman year room now have Ph.D's from Harvard.

It's really weird flipping through the list of graduates and seeing the names of former students, guys who came out for the Ultimate Frisbee team in the fall three years ago and disappeared, MIT college alumni, and others.

Two guys from the Ultimate Frisbee team graduated summa cum laude, severely compromising the team's hard-earned reputation as a bunch of slackers.

I haven't looked through all the titles, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had the shortest dissertation title of any of this year's doctorates.

Apparently Sasha Volokh, formerly of The Volokh Conspiracy, graduated this year as well.

Supposedly John Lithgow was an entertaining Commencement speaker, but there's still something rather odd about having the guy from "3rd Rock From The Sun" speak at your graduation.

The salutatory speaker this year delivered a Red Sox-themed address (in Latin, of course). She gesticulated wildly while praising the heroics of "Giannium Damon" and "Curtium Nummi". I wanted to start a "Yankees Suck!" cheer, but thought better of it.


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