ESPN ends endorsement of coaches' college football poll 

Following the AP's lead, ESPN has decided to wash its hands of the coaches' poll and the BCS rankings.

Loyal Michigan fans will remember back in 1997 that somebody leaked Joe Paterno's secret ballot the week after Michigan had trounced Penn State. Paterno, or whoever filled out his ballot for him, had ranked Florida State #1 and Michigan #2. Fans will also remember that somebody voted Michigan #4 in the year-end poll. Cowardly.

I never understood any of the arguments against a playoff. Money? Wouldn't one, two, three, or four playoff games bring in a whole lot of cash for the participating teams? The other bowl games can go on existing if they really like, but I don't see why they should, with or without a playoff -- few of them make much money for the organizers. And the payout for the participating teams isn't great either.

If the weaker teams really needed the cash, the NCAA could just implement some revenue-sharing scheme for the playoff, just as conferences do with their partner bowls under the current system. And if the non-playoff teams really miss that extra game, nothing is stopping them from organizing an extra game on their own.

Time? It's not as if I-A teams completely stop all football-related activity in December, right? Besides, don't Division I-AA, II and III teams manage to keep playing when final exams are coming up?

Either I-A needs to adopt a bigger playoff system, or drop all pretense about the 2-team playoff BCS crowning a "national champion".


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