Terri Schiavo 

I have no idea what is morally or legally correct in this case.

Tom DeLay is a bozo for calling the disconnection of Schiavo's feeding tube an act of "medical terrorism", though.

I'm sure somebody on the other side of the debate has an equally absurd and offensive comment, but I haven't paid enough attention to the case to find it.


Ann Coulter 

I've never really read her work before, but I stumbled across this screed on women in the police force.

Here are my immediate impressions:

1. She is smart and makes good points.

2. She's also a total bitch.



I am very disappointed in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. They asked Larry Summers to grovel and abase himself, and apparently it wasn't enough.

Lubos Motl, a string theorist, was at the meeting and offers his rundown. I'll post other interesting accounts of the meeting as I find them.


Bring on the Tar Heels 

Oakland University, the school where I took a multivariable calculus class, has won its first NCAA basketball tournament game since joining Division I in 1997.


Federal government plants stories in local news outlets? 

The New York Times has a long story about it here.

I have a few questions:

- Who gets their news from TV anymore?

- Did previous administrations engage in this sort of practice? (The article claims that the Clinton administration did. Since I haven't watched TV news in about a decade, I wouldn't remember.)

- Are local TV stations really so lazy that they'll run these prepackaged news bites? After all, Boston news stations devoted ridiculous amounts of effort and airtime to the story about that dog getting electrocuted, from what I hear.

Beset on all sides 

Apparently Israel will be evacuating parts of the West Bank as well as Gaza.

I'm not the most astute observer of Israeli-Palestinian affairs, but it always seemed to me that Ariel Sharon can't buy a break. Throughout the European and left-leaning American media, Sharon is tarred as a warmongering overlord. (I realize that part of this sentiment arises from his previous military career, but that's another story entirely). On the other hand, everything I've seen in the Israeli media indicates that his own government thinks he isn't strict enough in dealing with the intifada and is a wuss for relinquishing lands that God gave to the nation of Israel.

I always thought that Sharon's plan to hand over the settlements and put up a security fence was quite reasonable, since it would mean that Israel would be conducting security checks on its border instead of inside Palestinian territory.


What's the difference between Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson? 

"Highlight" the white text below to see the answer.

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

Michael Jackson had sex with young children.


Cry me a river 

Via the Volokh Conspiracy come these two articles about the travails of earning a mere $100,000 per year in New York City.

I wonder if these people realize that around the rest of the country, people usually need to have two incomes in order to acquire a place to live, and typically spend 15-30 years paying off mortgages.

More on libraries 

Harvard is opening opening up a 24-hour "study space" in Lamont Library, due to student demand.

However, Harvard and MIT still do not have any libraries that are open around the clock, while The Ohio State University does.

Just got back from Canada 

I was attending a conference in Toronto, eh.

Much of the country was in shock after four members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were killed while attempting a marijuana raid on this guy's farm. The guy then killed himself. Apparently he was a convicted sex offender, but had been acquitted of assault and gun-related charges stemming from two other confrontations with neighbors.

If marijuana were legal, this guy probably would have ended up being convicted of tax avoision from his weed-growing business and killing four Mounties who had come to arrest him.



Something is terribly, terribly wrong if the Queen doesn't recognize Brian May. She must be going slightly mad.

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