The writing is on the wall 

Somebody defaced a poster of Kim Jong Il in North Korea the other day. This is a capital offense.

Since I can't read Korean, I have to rely on the translation provided:

The first known visual evidence of dissent within the world's most secretive state emerged yesterday when video footage taken in a North Korean factory showed a portrait of the dictator, Kim Jong-il, defaced with graffiti demanding freedom and democracy.

The 35-minute video clip, said to have been taken in November, was posted on the website of an opposition group based in South Korea. It shows a poster of Kim scrawled over with the words: "Down with Kim Jong-il. Let's all rise to drive out the dictatorial regime.''

Now this could all be a forgery, but I hope not. North Korea almost certainly has functional nukes, so the US really can't do much other than to covertly aid any opposition movement that might arise.

And please don't tell me that I'm a disgrace to my Korean heritage for not being able to read my ancestors' language. I'm already well aware of that fact.


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