Universal Publishing is the spawn of Satan 

Apparently U2 has entered into an exclusive agreement with Universal Publishing whereby Universal is selling all of U2's recorded material on iTunes. However:

1. You can't get the 2 CD recording of U2's Lovetown tour performance in Dublin without purchasing the whole catalog ($150);

2. You can't get the recording of U2's War-era performance in Boston without purchasins the whole catalog;

3. Most outrageous is the fact that Universal is going around shutting down fansites that publish lyrics and tablature, including the treasure trove of information that used to be the U2 Guitar Archive. One of the most memorable moments on the Elevation tour was when superfan Scott Perretta was pulled up onstage at Oakland and started picking the notes to "A Sort Of Homecoming", leading the band to perform an improvised version of the song. I guess that won't be happening anymore.


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