Well, at least they weren't using butterfly ballots 

Apparently a mix-up at some polling stations in Afghanistan has some subset of the fifteen presidential candidates opposing Hamid Karzai calling foul. (WSJ link, requires subscription) (CNN link)

Somehow some people ended up getting multiple voter registrations. Election officials ended up having to mark voters' thumbs with permanent ink to prevent them from voting multiple times, but at some voting stations the permanent ink got mixed up with the regular ink used to mark the ballots.

Interestingly enough, a candidate must claim a majority of the votes in order to win. I wonder what the run-off procedures are.

Oh, heck. I'm guessing none of the fifteen challengers has much chance of winning anyway (although the fact that an Uzbek general is apparently one of the leading challengers is rather unsettling). It's time Afghanistan learned the virtues of a two-party system.\end{sarcasm}

In other news, allied forces and Sadrites appear to be reaching the beginnings of a truce in the Sadr City slums of Baghdad, according to this report.


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