Shoe's on the other foot 

Yet another ridiculous comparison of Bush's America with the Third Reich:

Cars owned by Eagle County resident Gunther Schmidt and his daughter, which carried Bush/Cheney bumper stickers, have also been targeted. While the damage was light — the bumper stickers were scratched off and the cars scratched — Schmidt said it’s not the extent, but the principle of free speech that matters.

“If you are for the Republican party, it seems to me that the Democrats take all kinds of measures to destroy your signs,” said Schmidt. “I thought we lived in a free country where you could express your opinion in a non-violent way, without being punished for it.”

If someone wants to make a statement, they should go to public meetings and the polls and make it there, Schmidt said.

“I think this is like going back to Hitler,” said Schmidt. “You should be able to voice your opinion without becoming a target of violence. Maybe those people should go back to those countries that don’t have free speech.”

Hey, wait a second...


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