When you're in a hole, stop digging 

Yes, Rathergate is overblown and a distraction from the important issues blah blah. But the whole incident is like a car crash...you just can't turn away...

Anyway, here's what Bill Burkett has to say about the matter:

Bill Burkett, who gave CBS News the alleged documents about President Bush's National Guard service, insists "the jury is still out" on whether those documents are authentic.

"The documents have not been conclusively proven false," Burkett said. "Neither have they been proven authentic. That jury is still out."


Burkett also accused the White House of using the blog community to launch a "kill the messenger campaign" against him after the documents were made public.

"The coordinated attacks against the documents, then against me, which CBS did nothing to deflect or defend, and then against Dan Rather and CBS producer Mary Mapes have not been against the validity of the documents, but rather as an attack against anything being considered at all," he said.

Burkett's wife, Nicki, described the couple as "shaken" by the uproar.

"Our name has been destroyed and cannot be reclaimed," she said in the e-mailed response. "We are presumed guilty, not only for poor judgment of involving ourselves with CBS, but now considered to be forgers and liars."


Burkett has subsequently revealed, through his attorney, the source of the documents -- a woman who identified herself as Lucy Ramirez, who called him to tell him she had documents related to Bush's Guard service.

The memos were later handed to Burkett by an unknown man during a visit to Houston, and Burkett said he made copies and burned the originals to protect the woman's identity.

Just because the memos came from a mysterious source and look identical to MS Word documents is no reason to cast doubt on their credibility...

Dude, the jig is up. Deal with it.

CNN also reveals its lack of understanding of the blogosphere:

But immediately after the broadcast, the documents came under fire by the conservative Internet community of bloggers.

Saying that "the documents came under fire by the Internet community of conservative bloggers" would be more accurate, because not every blogger in the universe is conservative. But there were also plenty of non-conservative bloggers who helped out as well.


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