Social justice? 

A while ago the Presbyterian Church of the USA followed the lead of the moonbat leftists at a bunch of college campuses and started divesting their funds from companies that do business with Israel. One of PCUSA's main targets is Caterpillar, a large firm that sells construction equipment. Apparently PCUSA isn't too happy about the wall between Israel and Palestine.

(As an aside, some of Harvard-MIT Divest's targets are really silly. Harvard invests in firms such as Johnson & Johnson and McDonalds. How can Larry Summers sleep at night knowing that Harvard's money helps provide Israeli soldiers with Big Macs?)

Now according to this article in the National Review, PCUSA still has funds invested in China and Sudan, a couple of countries with absolutely atrocious human rights records where government and economy are much more strongly entwined than in Israel.

Okay, there are plenty of companies that are doing legitimate business in China. But Sudan...even American oil companies aren't allowed to do business with Sudan. If PCUSA really has funds invested in companies that do business in Sudan, then they're using a strange set of standards...

UPDATE: I'm trying to find out if PCUSA really does still have funds invested in Sudan. They used to have funds invested in Talisman Energy, but Talisman pulled out of Sudan sometime in 2002, and PCUSA had divested from Talisman before that. I'm thinking that the author of the National Review article overlooked this fact. The point still remains that Israel does seem to be unfairly singled out for special treatment here.


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