Deja vu all over again 

Okay, this time I thought that the decision to send Pedro out to start the eighth inning was slightly more defensible than in 2003, because the Sox bullpen hasn't been nearly as solid as it was during last season's playoffs and because it was severely spent after the series with the Orioles. But this quote from Terry Francona sounds eeriely familiar:

Why start the eighth with Martinez? "In my opinion, he still had good stuff," the manager said.

Matsui's home run, on a fastball Martinez left over the middle of the plate, was a compelling reason for Francona to reconsider that decision. That's not how he saw it.

"If I run out there after two pitches, you understand what I'm saying, it would make it look like I wasn't making a very good decision before the inning," Francona said.

Then again, I'm not sure what Francona should have done. With Matsui (L), Bernie Williams (S), Jorge Posada (S) and Ruben Sierra (R) coming up, the best solution I can think of would have been to have Alan Embree (L) pitch to Matsui and hope that Keith Foulke can get the last five outs.


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