Bono talks about AIDS on the O'Reilly factor 

Transcript and video here.


1. God, Bill O'Reilly is annoying.

2. Although I don't deny that the world has a moral imperative to help Africa fight the AIDS crisis, I think Bono overestimates the effect such a fight would have on the worldwide war on terror.

If America led the fight on AIDS, and this elevated the opinion of America in European minds, the political capital that would accumulate would be useful. The guy whose opinion really counts is the average guy in the street in Iraq or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia; I honestly don't know if he'd be that impressed. I hope I'm wrong though.

Well, okay, countries like Sudan and Ethiopia also have large Muslim populations, pockets of terrorist activity and relatively large HIV-positive populations. Maybe America will make some headway there.

3. The CIA factbook claims that 20% of adults in South Africa have AIDS. Jeebus.


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