Why must this game continue to mock me? 

I played in the BUDA Summer Club League Ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend. I committed a total of four turnovers in five games. Given that I was playing about 93% of the points in the tournament, that's a pretty good statistic. However, all of the turnovers were quite embarrassing:

- A drop on a five-foot forehand.
- A misread on a wide-open huck that ended up sinking more quickly than I thought it would; I ended up making a futile sliding bid on the disc at the end.
- A point-block at game point. I caught the first pass off the pull and sent a return pass to the original handler; my mark caught up with me and intercepted the pass.
- Another turnover on a return pass off the hitch. The other handler had his head down when I was throwing the pass. I attempted to pull it back, and the disc flew out of my hand.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep playing this game.


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