Vote for Change 

So a bunch of musicians are going to be performing concerts in the "swing states" in October in order to campaign against Bush (yes, it's more accurate to say that than to say they're campaigning for Kerry).

In a particular order that the reader can probably figure out, the roster includes

Meh. I don't mind when bands like REM express political opinions that I disagree with, because they're good musicians and they're typically clever, thoughtful and creative in expressing such views in their music. At the other end, I can't listen to Rage Against The Machine without suffering an aneurysm. And the Dixie Chicks have a ways to go before they establish the requisite credibility to pull a stunt like this.

I do remain slightly amused that artists tend to think themselves more enlightened about politics than the average American, though. Bruce has given an eloquent account of his position, though. (UPDATE: He's in the New York Times as well.)

I wonder if Charlie Daniels and Ted Nugent are planning a countertour. (UPDATE: Nugent's in today's Opinion Journal. Wow.)


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