While Yang Tae-Young continues his quixotic quest for a gold medal, Brazilian runnder Vanderlei Lima reacts in a much more proper manner to a set of circumstances that is just as unfair.

Of course, leading a marathon with three miles left to go guarantees nothing, which is why Lima is not going to be awarded a duplicate gold. But the same principle is at work here -- you can't guarantee that Yang would have won the gymnastics all-around competition had he been awarded the extra 0.1 of a point at the proper time either. In both cases ill fortune (poor judging on the one hand, a psychotic fan on the other) felled a random competitior. (Well, in the marathon case, I mean random in the sense that the guy seemed to be targeting whoever was leading the marathon, and not Lima in particular.)

UPDATE: Money shot from Lima:

De Lima said he might have won the gold medal if Horan hadn't grabbed him. Though the Brazilian harbors no resentment toward Horan, he said the suspended sentence may not be enough to deter the former priest from future antics.

"This means he will probably do this again and get killed, as in Formula One, or kill someone," de Lima said.


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