No other word can describe tonight's Sox-Yankees game.

Well, perhaps another: justanothernightinredsoxbaseball.

Both teams loading the bases with none out and not scoring...

Derek Jeter saving the game for the Yankees by catching a fly ball and tumbling into the stands..

Curtis Leskanic, one strike away from winning the game, giving up two doubles to lose...


One thing to think about: as heroic as Leskanic was for 1.2 innings, should the Sox have put in, say, Curt Schilling to close the game in the bottom of the 13th? Conventional wisdom says not to screw around with your starting rotation for the sake of having another relief pitcher in an extra-innings game during the regular season, because every game is of equal value in the standings.

But when you're playing a team with whom you are engaged in a pennant race (Yankees fans, stop snickering), the difference between a win and a loss is a two-game swing. It's worth thinking about, perhaps more so later in the season if the race is still tight. A win tonight would undoubtedly have carried extra psychological points as well.


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