It hurts to say it, but... 

...it looks like Nomar Garciaparra is quickly going GP on us. He isn't hitting, and twice in the last week he's committed an error that led to an opponent's winning run. I don't know if the Sox will be able to trade a guy whose best years (offensively and defensively) seem to be behind him, who commands a huge salary, and who is signed only for the remainder of this year.

Anyway, I think Nomar needs to leave Boston. Maybe next year the Sox let Nomar and Derek Lowe walk, re-sign Jason Varitek and Pedro Martinez, trade Bill Mueller, trade Kevin Millar, and sign a solid first baseman and another pitcher.

The trade market this summer doesn't look too good. Perhaps the only trade that might make sense is getting John Olerud for Kevin Youkilis or Scott Williamson. Olerud isn't hitting so well anymore, but the Sox could definitely use his glove at first base.

Maybe the Sox could get Carlos Delgado from Toronto, but I don't know if either team particularly wants to make a trade with a division rival. And the Sox certainly don't need his $19 million contract.


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