Eddie George refuses pay cut 

Tennessee Titang RB Eddie George has refused the team's demand that he take a pay cut and will likely be released. (NFL contracts are not guaranteed.) He was due to make $4.25 million this year; the team wanted to rework his contract to pay him $1.5 million.

There's no reason for any team to sign him for anything close to $4.25 million. This guy is possibly the most overrated player in recent history. He's averaged 3.7 yards per carry over his career on a team that has Steve McNair and consistently makes the playoffs, and he's averaged 3.3 over the last three years. You could go down to the pawn shop and buy a RB to gain 3.3 yards per carry.

Oh, but he's durable, people say -- he hasn't missed a game in his career and has started all but two. Well, you could get a RB from the pawn shop, and buy another one when the first one breaks. The point is that George is at best a slightly above-average running back and is quite replaceable at a much lower cost.


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