Nomar Garciaparra out. Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz in.

So we get a couple offensively inconsistent Gold Glove infielders (Kevin Millar's days are surely numbered) in exchange for a guy who was very likely to walk after this season. Trading offense for defense certainly makes sense (and remember, the Sox took the Yankees to 7 games with Nomar batting sub-.200). Still, pretty shocking all in all.

I think I'm going to call my bookie in Vegas right now and ask about the odds on Nomar hitting a walk-off HR in Game 7 of the World Series against the Red Sox.

(UPDATE: Probably zero, since the AL has home-field advantage for the World Series.)

Not all the trade news was good for Boston. Yankees pitcher Jose Contreras, the Red Sox' favorite whipping boy, was traded to the White Sox in exchange for Esteban Loaiza.


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