Foul trouble 

If a NBA player who gets two or three fouls in the first 15 minutes or so of a game, why do coaches sit him for the rest of the half? Come on, what does it matter whether he goes in with 3 minutes left and picks up another foul before the half or whether he starts the second half and picks up another foul in the first couple minutes?

Rasheed Wallace sat the entire second quarter of Game 2 with two fouls. The Lakers went on a 13-5 run at the end of the second quarter. Mehmet Okur was in for most of that quarter, not playing good defense and lacking the confidence to get involved in the offense. The Pistons sorely needed Wallace in the game at that point.

UPDATE: Hoo boy, those last 7 minutes were an offensive debacle for Detroit.

No matter. Two games, and all the Lakers can muster is one overtime win? I like Detroit's chances.


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