One observer's opinion of U2's next album 

Here's what Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, has to say:

Just before we left Dublin to come home, we had the opportunity to visit with Bono again.

The conversation was mostly about Aids and how we can all do more to rid the world of this savage disease. But this time we met at his recording studio on a shipping canal in a remote part of Dublin. They played us several cuts from their upcoming CD…could be a very cool record, but then what do I know about rock and roll? It was touching however to have the whole group request a time of prayer for them, their families and the CD project. They made a verbal commitment to visit us at Willow when they do Chicago on their upcoming tour. That should be fun. I doubt that they would draw like Randy Travis, but for a second time I ask, "What do I know?"


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