More on Iraq from the WaPo 

Here is an article by John McCain and Joe Lieberman on the future of Iraq. Money shot:

The June 30 handover must mean more than the transfer of policymaking power from Coalition Provisional Authority headquarters to the new U.S. Embassy. It must also mean something more than handing power -- whether over government ministries or military forces -- back to the Baathists from whom we rightly wrested it a year ago. The handover should represent a short-term transfer of sovereignty to a caretaker government that will quickly pave the way for elections. No Iraqi government can derive legitimacy simply through selection by the United Nations or the United States. Real legitimacy is derived only from the free choice of the Iraqi people.

Here's an article Christian missionairies in Iraq. As the article notes, it's really important for Christian missionairies to avoid being perceived as Western cultural imperialists.

It's interesting to note that there were churches in Saddam's Iraq. Saddam's regime was a secular tyranny, though he did often adopt the rhetoric of an Islamic leader in order to reinforce his authority. Saddam didn't care if there were Christian churches, as long as they didn't threaten the regime.

Although Western forces toppled Saddam, some Iraqis still remain suspicious of the US's intentions in Iraq, so Western missionairies need to make it known that they're acting on their own and not as agents of the US, UK or other countries. (I don't know where that bit about Christian missionairies being Israeli agents came from. Well, actually I do.)


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