Gay marriage 

Yesterday gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts.

Enforcing gay marriage by constitutional and judicial fiat is, I think, a terrible way to settle the issue. I have a hard time believing that the original authors of the Massachusetts state constitution would have wanted the equal rights provisions to be applied to an issue that is so divisive on moral grounds.

For the record, I do support gay marriage, since my opinion is that it may very well be morally permissible. (Let's just say that I have a hard time walking up to a gay person and saying "God loves you so much that he wants you to remain lonely and horny for the rest of your life.") But if the state is going to sanction a controversial institution -- well, the state (i.e. the people) should sanction a controversial institution by voting on it.

For people who are morally opposed to gay marriage, will gay marriage lead society down the moral plughole? Only if they let it. If parents don't want their children to think that homosexuality is normal, it's up to them to communicate that message. Society is full of messages that are controversial. But if one of their kids declares his or her homosexuality, they'd best come up with a way of dealing with it.

Fortunately, the legalization of gay marriage will do nothing to stop the Simpsons and South Park from lampooning gay culture (even if "gay culture" is representative of only a fraction of gay people).

UPDATE: I fell out my chair laughing when I read this piece. It involves gay epithets and North Korea.


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