The revelations of corruption in the UN oil-for-food program are starting to provoke real anger in government officials.

Some folks argued from the outset that the UN oil-for-food program was intractable from the outset due to the high likelihood that the program would be corrupted and abused. The leftist media watchdog group FAIR pooh-poohed these concerns in an article in 2001, noting that

In fact, oil-for-food money is administered by the U.N., and disbursed directly from a U.S. bank account to foreign suppliers, so direct misappropriation of funds is impossible. Allegations about misappropriation of goods on the other end have repeatedly been denied by U.N. officials administering the program in Iraq (e.g. Denis Halliday, press release, 9/20/99), a fact that has garnered virtually no media coverage (Extra!, 3-4/00).

Of course, when you search the FAIR site nowadays for articles on the oil-for-food program, there's nary a peep to be heard about the scandal.


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