The vultures are out on eBay, trying to make a buck off of Pat Tillman's death by selling trading cards and other memorabilia.

Some of the items were bid up to absurd prices, but it turns out that most of those high bids were bogus bids from eBay members who were trying to scuttle the auctions by bidding up the items and then not paying for them. (One guy's handle was dont-make-money-off-fallenheroes.)

(Hat tip: Deadly Mantis.)


50 worst songs of all time 

Dammit, everyone's being scrupulous-like and respecting copyright, so all I know are 1-10 and 41-50 on Blender's list. I may be forced to go out and buy the magazine. Not that Blender is any sort of authority; I'm just a list junkie.

Really, the list should be called "50 most annoying songs of all time" or perhaps "50 worst well-known songs of all time," since we're measuring some combination of each song's exposure and crapitude. Anyway, if I had written the article, these songs would have been on the list:

Every man dies, but not every man lives 

Rest in peace, Pat Tillman.


Tortured sports cities 

It looks like ESPN is attempting to do a series of sports lowlights for various cities. So far there's only one article, on Houston.

Here are ten lowlights for Boston:

Here are ten lowlights for Detroit, where I grew up:



I'm not sure how the term "political capital" originated, but it doesn't seem quite accurate to me. As far as I can tell, politics operates on the barter system -- you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.



For some reason it is not often mentioned that the guy who ran the original Marathon collapsed and died.



How is one supposed to concentrate on finishing one's dissertation when baseball season is starting and hockey, basketball and Ultimate Frisbee playoffs are underway?

The law does not need to protect you from stupidity 

Unlicensed and drunken 19-year-old drives girlfriend's car into a light pole; mother sues Coors and girlfriend's family. Apparently everyone is to blame except for the kid himself.



The Iraqi guerrillas have executed their first hostage. The hostage's last words: "Now I'll show you how an Italian dies!"

Oh, I wonder if John Kerry still seriously thinks that the problem with our handling of Iraq is that the USA is arrogant and loutish and that if only we'd acquiesce to the more reasonable demands of France and the UN things would settle down.

The demands of the terrorists (that's what they are) are clear: they want all foreign troops out of Iraq. Not much diplomatic wiggle-room there.

(Hat tip: Tacitus.)



There has been yet another attempt by a player to pad his stats at the end of a basketball game; this time Atlanta guard Bob Sura intentionally missed a shot at the end of a game in order to collect his tenth rebound and another triple double.

Sheesh. Makes you wish Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn were still around. If some guy tried to pad his stats at their expense, they probably would have clotheslined the guy or broken his legs.


Jeff Jacoby: Everybody got it wrong before 9/11 

Here's a clear and enlightening piece by the Boston Globe's best (only?) conservative columnist.



One of my housemates (who shall remain nameless) came staggering home at 4 am this morning in less than good health.

We no longer have a welcome mat sitting on our front porch.



During the entire brouhaha about the mention of God in the United States Pledge of Allegiance, it occurred to me that our neighbors to the north, who are supposedly more secular than we are, mention God in their national anthem.

I'm sure that the Canadian national anthem is as prominent in Canada as the American national anthem is here (both being played at sporting events, for instance). Does the mention of God in the Canadian national anthem offend anybody? Just curious.


Schilling gets first W, Foulke gets first S 

And there was much rejoicing.

Is it me, or does Keith Foulke look like he throws like a girl? He has this clipped throwing motion that makes it look like he's pushing the ball, at least when you see him throwing from behind.

UPDATE: Maybe it is me.

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