Anti-terrorism demonstrations 

InstaPundit has links to a whole bunch of blogs that have pictures of anti-terrorism demonstrations in Madrid.

I have to wonder, though -- what exactly is the point of these demonstrations? I can understand the purpose of organizing anti-terrorism demonstrations in Iraq and the massive amount of attention that devoted warbloggers have been giving them; after all, there is a widespread perception that the terrorists' goal is to drive the foreign troops out of Iraq, and that the people of Iraq share this desire.

But why the demonstrations in Spain? I could be wrong, but ETA doesn't seem to have nearly the sympathy among the people of Spain that al-Qaeda and other groups have in the Arab world. And if it was al-Qaeda or another Islamist group that bombed the train, well, they're definitely enemies of the people. It doesn't seem like 2.3 million people protesting is going to change anyone's minds.

On top of that, a 2.3 million-strong semi-spontaneous demonstration makes an awfully inviting target for a squad of suicide bombers. I'm surprised that the demonstrations went on without incident.

UPDATE: In another (and much smaller) protest, demonstrators have accused Jose Maria Aznar of pinning the blame for the attacks on the ETA in an attempt to cover up the possibility that the attack may have been executed by Islamist terrorists. Hmm.

UPDATE: If in fact Aznar and the Popular Party were trying to hide evidence that Islamist terrorists were responsible for the bombing, that tactic sure backfired.


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