More network censorship 

CBC is putting a seven-second delay on Don Cherry's "Coach's Corner" on Hockey Night in Canada in case Cherry says anything particularly incendiary this season.

Sheesh. I thought the whole point was that Cherry was a loudmouthed jingoistic buffoon who pulled in viewers and raked in the advertising dollars with his shtick (parts of which I agree with). In decreasing order of likelihood, one of three things will happen: (1) the network won't have the guts to censor Cherry; (2) the network will censor Cherry on occasion, and fans will be upset; (3) Cherry will rein in his act, and he won't be nearly as fascinating.

And on that note, does anybody know where I can download the 2003 episode of Coach's Corner where Cherry and Ron MacLean "debate" the war in Iraq? If not, does anyone have it taped and feel like making me a copy? I don't think either of them said anything particularly insightful during that exchange; I just think it was hilarious.


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