Did CBS censor posters during the Super Bowl? 

Via Bird Dog:

It seems that CBS may have digitally censored some fans' posters at the Super Bowl:

But enough about that. CBS did in fact practice some very aggressive censorship last night, if I am not mistaken. After a while I noticed when looking at the end zones shots you always get when a team is attempting a field goal or an extra point, that some fans were holding up bright yellow poster boards that were, apparently, blank. Why in the world would someone hold up bright yellow blank poster boards? When I looked more closely at the “posters,” it was apparent that they were digitally enhanced, blocking out some lettering behind the yellow. Now these posters were situated where I normally see “John 3:16” posters at football games, including the Super Bowl.

Perhaps someone has additional information about this, such as a shot of the end zone without bright yellow digital censorship to show what the suspect posters said. I would not be surprised if they did, in fact, proclaim, John 3:16.

Well, I'd hold off on concluding that the posters had scriptural references on them; for all I know they might have said "FOX Rules" or "Eat at Joe's", but if they did not in fact contain indecent or obscene material, then that's pretty poor behavior on CBS's part.

Between that, the moveon.org ad and Janet's funbags, CBS has set a new standard in broadcasting something-or-other.


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