Colorado football kicker says she was raped by teammate 

Katie Hnida, a former walk-on kicker for the Colorado Buffaloes, claims that she was raped by a teammate.

Assuming all the allegations are true, there really isn't anybody in this scenario who doesn't look like a complete idiot, is there?

- Rick Neuheisel, for putting Hnida on the team when it was abundantly clear that she wouldn't survive on her own merits. (During her new career at New Mexico, she kicked two extra points, both in blowouts. The first was blocked.)

- Gary Barnett, for claiming to be unaware about the allegations about sexual assault, sex parties for recruits, etc. If he's telling the truth, the guy must be deaf.

- The players. Obviously.

- Hnida, for clinging on to her quixotic quest to be a kicker for a premier college football team and allowing herself to become a token when it was clear that (1) she wasn't contributing anything to the team and (2) her teammates were assholes.

UPDATE: There are a couple factual errors in this post. Hnida has actually kicked three extra points in her New Mexico career. The first, in a bowl game against UCLA, was blocked. The other two were in a blowout against UT-San Marcos.

It's great that Hnida has found a team that she likes and that likes her, but I still don't see how she could have clung on to Colorado for so long.

UPDATE: Rick Reilly has this to say:

Barnett said she was "terrible" -- plus she was "a girl!" -- as if being a girl was bad enough? The Buffs have had some bad kickers on their team recently -- were those guys harassed and tormented?

You know Rick, with the sort of stuff that's been going down at Colorado -- you might want to look into that.


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