Another reason why public speakers should have a thorough mastery of The Simpsons 

At church today, a guest speaker came to talk about her experiences as a university teacher/clandestine missionary in China. By way of trying to convince people to put aside material concerns for kingdom work, she mentioned a little trick (possibly an urban legend) that monkey poachers in Africa supposedly use to catch their prey: they set out narrow-necked jars full of food. The monkeys stick their arms in the jars, grab the food, and struggle to get their arms out while their hands are clenching the food, making them easy pickings for the poachers.

Of course, astute Simpsons fans realize that something like this happened in an episode: Homer tries to steal a free soft drink and a free snack from a pair of vending machines at work and gets his arms stuck. The rescue workers arrive, and just as they're about to saw off his arms ("they'll grow back, right?"), one of them asks Homer if he's holding on to the can. "Your point being?" Homer angrily retorts. In the next scene, Homer walks away from the vending machines while being jeered by the rescue workers and other assorted personnel.


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