What the hell was that spiel about recreational and performance-enhancing drugs?

I can't believe that Bush is still talking about WMDs in Iraq as if it's certain that we'll find them. Bush made part of the case for war by saying that Saddam's use of WMDs was a possibility that couldn't be tolerated. It was a legitimate point at the time; Saddam certainly acted as if he had something to hide. But now that we have better information about the state of Saddam's WMD programs, there's no point in pretending that we still think they're as advanced as we thought it was back in March 2003.

While Iraq remains a dangerous place, the country and the universe are better off without Saddam.

Bush wisely said very little about a proposed Constitutional amendment to "define" marriage as an institution between a man and a woman. As I wrote a couple days ago, proposing such an amendment seems rather pointless.

I find it hard to have a strong opinion on the state of health insurance in the country today. One way or another, somebody has to pay the bills.

I'm no fan of the Patriot act, but the couple sentences his speechwriter wrote about it were pure genius. "The Patriot act is set to expire next year..." (derisive applause by some Democrats) "...but the terrorist threat will not expire on that schedule." (massive applause)

I'm all for higher standards in our public schools, but that's only one strand in the web of problems engulfing our public schools. (If you asked me to list the main problems with public schools in decreasing order of importance, I'd probably list them as follows: lack of discipline, low expectations for students, cultural overemphasis on the social aspects of school, weak/uninspiring teachers, shortage of funds.)


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