The last time I saw a Michigan football team get flat-out beaten by a better team was in the 1992 Rose Bowl, which Michigan lost to the national champion Washington Huskies, 34-14. Usually Michigan loses games because of self-inflicted wounds.

Michigan was dominated by a superior USC team in yesterday's Rose Bowl. The Wolverines put up their best effort, but they were quite simply outrun, outmuscled, and outcoached.

USC looked a lot stronger than LSU ever did during the season, and they never lost a game 35-7 like Oklahoma did. Sure, USC played a weak schedule (a schedule that is starting to look stronger with the Pac-10's recent bowl wins), but they can't really be blamed too much for that. Their only loss came in triple-overtime. Unless LSU or Oklahoma wins the Sugar Bowl in a blowout, USC looks like the #1 team to me.

UPDATE: Amid all the noise about minority (read: black) coaches in the major team sports not being considered for head coaching positions, it should be noted that one of the most brilliant minds in college football is Asian.


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