An op-ed supporting legalization of gay marriage...from a conservative Pentecostalist in Kentucky 

Link is here. The whole thing is worth reading, but here's the clincher:

Even in the conservative Christian community, divorce is rampant. As the only lawyer in my church (a very conservative Pentecostal congregation), I frequently receive telephone calls from fellow church members requesting assistance on child custody matters, property division and other divorce-related questions.

I have fielded so many questions about divorce that I am sometimes surprised when I encounter middle-aged congregants who have not been previously married. The gay community could not treat their marriage vows any worse than many Christians treat their own.

For those who believe gay marriage is morally wrong for Biblical or other religious reasons, this decision changes nothing. Churches can still speak out against sexual immorality and can still choose not to perform gay weddings. The gay couple down the street in no way makes our own straight marriage more difficult or challenging, nor can any decision of any court of law change the definition of marriage in the eyes of God.

In the days, weeks and months to come, we can expect to hear many conservative commentators decry the continuing decay of our culture. In the debate that follows -- and as accusations of intolerance and immorality fly between left and right -- remember that Christians and conservatives long ago met the real enemy of the sacred institution of marriage -- and we are that enemy

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the pointer.

On a related note, Howard Dean recently proclaimed that "if homosexuality were a sin, God wouldn't have created gay people."

I'm rather loath to credit Dean with any deep insight here (or anywhere else, for that matter), but the main point still holds: if a man says he deeply and honestly desires to live in a lifelong relationship with another man, and he is willing to endure public humiliation and to be ostracized for the sake of such a relationship, perhaps his word should be accepted in good faith. Every form of therapy that has ever been used to try to change a person's sexual orientation has failed, and I think that one would be hard-pressed to defend the position that such a man is better off living alone or in an artificial marriage with a woman.


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