Quick-thinking journalist 

From the WaPo:

Michael Weisskopf, a Washington-based senior correspondent for Time magazine, was seriously wounded in Baghdad late Wednesday when a grenade exploded in the U.S. Army Humvee in which he was a passenger. James Nachtwey, a Time contributing photographer, was also in the vehicle and was injured by the blast.

Weisskopf, 57, a former Washington Post reporter, likely saved the lives of his companions, including two U.S. soldiers, by attempting to toss the grenade from the vehicle before it exploded, said several people familiar with the incident.

The blast blew off Weisskopf's right hand, according to one account. He was taken to a military aid station in Baghdad and later to a hospital in the city, where he underwent surgery. A statement released by Time said he was in stable condition yesterday.


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