Iranians attempt to warn Iraqis about the dangers of an Ayatollahcracy 

That is the content of a thoughtful article in today's Washington Post.

The US has been caught in a bind for some time here: it wants its hand-picked Iraqi Governing Council to lay the foundations for the new government in Iraq. Ayatollah Ali Sistani and others object to this plan, saying that the people of Iraq should elect their own delegates to write a new constitution for Iraq. The US fears that this might lead to the creation of another Iran, and at some level you can't really blame the US for thinking this way -- at times it appears that living under a tyranny for so long has robbed Iraqis of the ability to think independently in political matters and made them more comfortable with putting all their faith in a handful of absolute leaders.

It won't be easy to get things to work, which is why the US needs to retain a governing presence in Iraq for a lot longer than some people would like. The long-term future of Iraq is at stake here.


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