France to ban headscarves, yarmulkes, large crosses in public schools? 

Unbelievable, but it could happen.

And the US gets accused of fomenting a religious/cultural war. Eeesh.

This story elicited the following comment from a BBC reader:

It amazes me that on the one hand the West claims to value liberty and freedom for everyone, something which is being "given" to the Iraqi people. Yet the wearing of a simple headscarf, something which is essential in Islam, is being stopped both in France and Germany. Where has the concept of freedom gone now?
This blatant hypocrisy is apparent to all Muslims and it is clear for all to see what 'Western values' really stand for: exploitation, tyranny and suppression of the weak all over the world.

This reader is a little bit misguided, but you can understand why he/she feels this way.


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