Did I say the BBC was starting to come around? Check that... 

Another article from the Beeb:

The US military suffered its worst monthly death toll since the end of major combat in Iraq, losing 79 soldiers in November mostly in enemy attacks.

But the cries to pull troops out have not grown louder and indeed both public and politicians seem prepared to accept the setbacks as part of a longer-term battle which needs fighting.

Some pundits and media observers seem keen to find similarities between the ongoing operation in Iraq and the Vietnam War which dragged on amid mounting public opposition until the US decided nothing more could be gained and pulled out.

But there simply is not the depth of feeling and interest as there was 30 years ago when newspapers and broadcasts were dominated by the war, when some sections of the public were so outraged by what was happening that they spat at returning soldiers and when losses reached the tens of thousands.

Uh...there might be two reasons that people aren't yet flooding the streets in protest: (1) the death toll is maybe the lowest in history for a war of this duration and magnitude; (2) maybe, just maybe, the American people believe that the mission in Iraq is important, hmmm? Maybe it's not that people don't care.


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