NYC district bans nativity scenes, claiming they are not historically accurate 

From WorldNetDaily. Excerpt:

In a dispute over display of holiday symbols, New York City schools are allowing Jewish menorahs and Islamic crescents but barring Christian nativity scenes, alleging the depiction of the birth of Christ does not represent a historical event.

In pleadings with a federal court in defense of the ban, New York City lawyers asserted the "suggestion that a crèche is a historically accurate representation of an event with secular significance is wholly disingenuous."

The Jewish and Islamic symbols are allowed, the district says, because they have a secular dimension, but the Christian symbols are "purely religious."

School administrators are morons. But we already knew that.

The consensus among historians is that Jesus Christ existed. (Whether or not he was resurrected or is the Savior is of course another matter.) Meanwhile, many Jewish rabbis and scholars think that the story about the ritual oil lasting for eight days when the Maccabees reclaimed the temple is a myth (not to say that the myth doesn't have any spiritual value, of course).

To quote old man Jasper, "who shot who in the what now?"

(Thanks to Mike Paik for the pointer.)


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