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Gregg Easterbrook, also known as the Tuesday Morning Quarterback, has posted some good material on his New Republic blog over the weekend. First, a reflection on the Kay report on Iraq's alleged WMD programs. He concludes with this paragraph:

Set aside the question of whether the United States should have invaded Iraq in 2003; history may still judge this decision favorably, as a liberation of the oppressed. But if most of the Iraq atomic weapons program stopped in 1998, as Kay concludes, then Clinton administration policy on Iraq was far more effective than once assumed; then the WMD case for invasion this year was even weaker than now assumed; and then the case for airstrikes to halt the North Korean nuclear-weapons program may be stronger than now assumed.

I'd have to say that the case for preemptive airstrikes against North Korea's budding nuclear weapons programs looks pretty darn good right now. It seems that without nukes, the collapse of the Communist regime in North Korea is inevitable, whereas if North Korea does develop functional nukes, they can either (1) blackmail us into giving them fuel and food aid for as long as they want or (2) keep us on the sidelines while they invade South Korea.

Here's another selection from Easterbrook, this time about Rush Limbaugh's comments about Donovan McNabb. I will simply say that this piece manages to include a couple of lines from Hamlet.


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