Stupid fan 

If I had front-row seats for a playoff game and a ball that looked even remotely playable by my team came my way, I'd retreat 25 rows into the stands.

Of course, such seats cost more money than I'm likely to see in my lifetime, so I'll crawl back into my little hole now.

UPDATE: Just saw a replay of Hideki Matsui throwing one away during Yankees-Red Sox Game 6, allowing Nomar Garciaparra to score from third. A fan catches the errant throw and starts celebrating. Terrible. More fans should be like the Wrigley Field bleacher creatures.

UPDATE: That guy speaks!

That's really sweet of him to apologize, but he's still a moron. He's got front-row seats and it doesn't occur to him that any ball that comes his way might still be playable? Oy gevalt.

UPDATE: The Cubs are in more trouble than I thought.


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