So apparently Pedro Martinez will be saved for Game 5. Derek Lowe will start Game 3 and John Burkett will start Game 4.

Hard to argue with that -- the Sox need to win all three games, and Martinez threw 130 pitches in Game 1.


If the Sox get into a major jam anytime during Game 3, I fully expect Martinez to enter the game in relief, even if it's just for an inning.

After last year's Giants-Angels World Series, I ranted for a long time about the Giants' folly in not inserting closer Robb Nen into Game 7 when they were in a big jam (I think it was the third or fourth inning; the Angels ended up scoring a bunch of runs, including the winning run, in that inning). I guess they were holding Nen back for a save situation in Game 8.

Back in 1995, Randy Johnson won three elimination games in seven days for the Mariners (he started a one-game playoff at the end of the regular season, started Game 3, and won Game 5 by pitching the 10th and 11th innings, I think). That's the stuff heroes are made of.


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