Lousy Roger Clemens. After being a total hothead for his entire career, last night he decides to settle down and pitch.

I haven't seen a recent replay of Pedro Martinez's pitch to Karim Garcia, but I don't buy the accusation that Martinez was headhunting. Garcia ducked slightly, and the pitch hit him just above the numbers, exactly where you're supposed to aim if you feel you must hit someone.

Whether Martinez intentionally hit Garcia is perhaps open to question as well, though it definitely looks like it was intentional. But if it was on purpose, then Martinez loaded the bases with no outs and Alfonso Soriano, a more dangerous hitter, on deck. (Yeah, I know first base was open and Soriano hit into a double play, but that's hardly something you would count on.)

I'm not defending what Martinez did, but I don't think it was as horrific as it is being made out to be.

I guess it wasn't until after the fourth-inning fracas last night that Pedro Martinez decided that he needed to pull out his best stuff. Unfortunately by then it was too late.

Still, the talking heads who say the Red Sox have already lost the series are a bit early. I have to like John Burkett's chances against David Wells. If the Sox can finesse another win out of Wakefield (he's going against Mussina again, who hasn't been good this postseason), they'll be in good shape.

UPDATE: Somehow I missed this bit of news about the California recall.

UPDATE: Here's a really deep article about everyone's favorite Korean baseball headcase, BH Kim.

UPDATE: Sunday's game is a washout; Game 4 is Monday, Mussina vs. Wakefield. Game 5 is Tuesday, Wells vs. either Burkett or Derek Lowe.


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