Hell yeah 

Sox take Game 6, 9-6.

Actually I was secretly wishing that New York would score two in the bottom of the ninth. That way the following things would have happened:

(1) Tim Wakefield would have entered the game to get the save;

(2) I'd be telling everyone that Joe Torre cost his team the game by sending Gabe White instead of Mariano Rivera to pitch while down 7-6 with a man on second and one out in the top of the ninth. (White promptly served up a gopher ball to Trot Nixon.)

The rule about only using your closer to protect a lead is dumb, dumb, dumb. When you're at home and the game is in the ninth or later inning, you can't use your closer to protect a lead, because if you get a lead, you win. So instead of having him sit around scratching himself, use him to get out of a jam in the top of the inning if you're tied or down by only a run or two. Take him out after one batter or one inning if you must save him for the next game, but you're not paying him the big bucks to not pitch.


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